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General Roadmap

What you need to know before you lease

Are you starting to make living arrangements for next year? Don't sign that lease too fast! While you may think you know the ropes, chances are there is a lot you have left to learn. You want to feel prepared before you sign a lease. Many students feel like they should be signing a lease right now, when you really don't need to worry about next year's housing until spring semester.

With huge, luxury apartment complexes popping up on every corner, it's easy to think those are your only option. The reality is, there are plenty of other places to live on campus that are significantly less expensive. Remember, you're a student and it's important to live like one. You can still have a great off-campus experience, no matter what your budget is!

  • Use the off campus housing search to help you find other, less expensive places to live!
  • Take advantage of the free legal services on campus (something that would cost $250/hour in the real world!) to make sure your lease is legit before you sign it.
  •  Use this spending plan to help yourself budget and see what you can afford!

Navigating November

We had a beautiful month of October, but the warm weather is finally leaving us, and it's time to start hibernating inside. Whether you're a new Minnesotan or an old one, you know that the winters can be long and cold. It's easy to just stay inside every day with your sweaters and blankets, but it's important to remember that staying active and getting exercise is important for your health!

As a student, you have a ton of stuff going on. It can be hard to find time to get to the gym, especially when the weather is less than motivational. Start getting in the habit of scheduling some type of exercise into your schedule and treating it like a job or class. Make it something you have to go to! It will make you feel better, even if it's just for 30 minutes. Not to mention exercise is the best way to relieve stress!

Thanksgiving break tips

It's easy to get caught up in the holiday spirit this month. You get to look forward to a few days off of school, the beginning of the holiday season and seeing family and old friends back home. Of course, this mini break is a tease because generally your professors send you away with many projects due right when you get back, followed up by the craze known as finals!

Start getting ahead now, so you don't feel pressured to hibernate and study during all of your time off. Get your group together and start working on that dreaded group project now. Chances are your team members would rather get it done sooner rather than later too.

Career Roadmap


  • Explore your MAJOR options – consider registering for classes to help you find or affirm your major (include career courses)


  • Go to your college Career Services office and meet with a career counselor
  • Write and practice your “elevator speech” during Thanksgiving and Winter break

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