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Second Year Experience

Office of Undergraduate Education


Important Dates

  • Spring Semester begins - January 17
  • CAPE Major/Minor Expo: Wednesday, February 8
  • Welcome Week Leader Applications Available - Look for them early Spring!
  • May and Summer Study Abroad Expo - Wednesday, January 25


General Roadmap

New Year, new activity!

A new year also means a new semester and an opportunity for a fresh start. So how are you going to make the most of it? The majority of student groups accept new members at the beginning of spring semester! New intramural teams also start at the beginning of each semester. Maybe it's time to lace up the old shoes?

If you're already involved in a student group or two, you might be looking for something else to get started with. Try taking on a fun elective class of something you've always wanted to try, or take a look at UROP (research isn't always in a lab you know, it can be in an interview, art studio or even abroad!). Speaking of study abroad, planning and saving for the trip of a lifetime is an activity within itself!

What are you applying for?

January is a fresh start, which means there are applications everywhere! Whether you're looking for your intended major program, a job, internship, or a campus leadership opportunity – January is the time to start organizing your applications.

If writing isn't your strength, make an appointment with the Center for Writing! The Center for Writing doesn't just help with school related materials. As a matter of fact, the majority of their work is helping students with writing outside of school. Don't hesitate to make an appointment ahead of time or check out their online schedule to grab a last minute opening!

Career Roadmap



  • Create or update your professional online presence on LinkedIn. Post your profile AND research people, jobs and companies.
  • Clean up your digital dirt. Potential employers are watching!

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