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Second Year Experience

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Important Dates

  • April 12: Fall 2017 Course Registration Begins


General Roadmap

Finish the year strong!

By the time April rolls around, we Minnesotans are dying for nice weather. Some days are sunny and 70, while others bring in a foot of snow. It's easy to get distracted on the nice days, and let school and other responsibilities slide — but don't let that happen to you!

You've worked too hard all year to let things slide now! Get a head start on your final assignments and other projects now, so that you have extra time to relax and enjoy the sun when the time comes. Avoid the urge to skip class and the "who cares I'm almost done" mentality. Thinking of grad school? Remember, these grades matter when you're applying! Just be patient, your hard work will pay off. Then you have all summer to enjoy the long awaited beautiful weather!

Research — it's not just working in a lab!

Many people think of research as only taking place in a lab with a professor, but there are many kinds of research opportunities available to you. Research can take place in a lab, in a clinic, in the community, or in a studio-whatever is most appropriate for your field!

Sometimes it can be daunting finding a research mentor, but the Office of Undergraduate Research is always willing to help. Just stop in and let them know what kind of research you are interested in conducting and they will help you begin the process of finding a mentor.

There are also a number of different ways to get compensated for your research as a student. You can receive financial grants for a research project through UROP, receive academic credit, work for pay, or simply volunteer your time. Some students even do their research abroad! You can do multiple research projects, so start early and do it often!

  • Learn more about why you should participate in research during your time at the University!
  • Get started with UROP here! There are direct research, student employment and summer opportunities available!
  • Check out past research presentations and sample proposals here!

Career Roadmap



  • Consider taking on a leadership role in your student/campus organization. Talk to leaders now about fall opportunities.

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